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Building & Construction Site Safety In The Spotlight At Royal Wolf

Recent thefts on building and construction sites highlight the importance of site safety for business owners. The loss and damage of equipment or materials can mean increased costs and delays in project timelines, but it is preventable.

Royal Wolf points to their premium Wolf Lock Safety container – a storage container with an easy-to-operate lock – as a simple and innovative worksite solution that keeps tools and equipment safe after hours. It also offers protection from the elements.

Greg Clarke, a carpenter with Mclean Builders, builders of architectural beachfront homes, speaks to the advantages of using the Wolf Lock Safety container for site safety in this video. 

“Theft is a major thing on a building site, because it is pretty easy to get to,” says Greg. “The Wolf lock is vault-like... no-one can get in.”

Importantly, while you can’t get in, people can get out; it has an innovative safety feature that means it’s impossible to be trapped inside.

The Wolf Lock Safety container is also very cost-effective and flexible, easily dropped off, and accessible and transportable, too.

With Royal Wolf and innovative products like the Wolf Lock, worksite theft could easily be a thing of the past.

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